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Early intervention in workers' compensation claims saves money, promotes good will between injured workers and their employers and helps in expediting the recuperation of injured workers.

Our Focus is on Early Intervention; involvement as soon as possible after a work related injury. Working closely with the insurance carrier or TPA and attorney, we assist the employer in identifying feasible Return to Work options for the injured worker. We complete all necessary documentation for the offer of re-employment and assist the injured worker in his or her successful return to productive employment.

As an Early Intervention company, we will help resolve all return to work issues efficiently and expeditiously by offering the following services at a cost effective rate:

  • Early Return to Work Service
  • Job Analysis
  • Video Job Analysis
  • Job Description
  • Ergonomic Evaluation
  • RU94/DWC-AD 10133.53
  • Return to Permanent Work DWC-AD 10003
  • Accommodation Meeting
  • Plan Development (pre-2004 files)

By specializing in Early Intervention, we are able to provide injured workers, carriers, TPAs, attorneys and physicians, an objective outlook on Qualified Injured Worker determinations. Our findings are completely objective, as we have no vested interest in the outcome of the claim.